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Las imágenes de la cabecera están tomadas de Wimedia Commons.


(By Miguel Angel, David Hoyos, David Pérez and Lorena)

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  1. Florencia Padin said...
    Congratulations! I really like it!
    I didn't know that Yarmouth was a beautiful place with amazing landscapes. It's a good work, it have much color and fantastic pictures.
    Lorena Jurado said...
    This Project about Yarmouth has been very interesting for me and I like it a lot because I have curiosity to know about this city since we have been learning and Reading about David Copperfield and all the characters visited this city and I was wondering how this city was and thanks to the project I have known something about it.
    reyi said...
    ¡¡enhorabuena a los participantes de este grupo!!
    Me gusta mucho la presentación y el audio ya que se entiende realmente bien. Saludos
    Miguel Ángel García said...
    Thank you very much, for us it was easy do the project because new technologies are easy to use for us. We hope you enjoy it.

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