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Las imágenes de la cabecera están tomadas de Wimedia Commons.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

(By David Hoyos, Miguel Angel, David Pérez, Pili and Lorena)

Background music: E' tornato il sole Enlace by Walter Mazzaccaro from Jamendo Enlace


  1. Lorena Jurado said...
    This Project has been easier because we have worked in group in a better way and we have also learned to organise in a better way. My pronunciation is improving a lot thanks to the projects, since we have to record our speaking and as a consequence, we have learnt to pronounce.
    Miguel Ángel García said...
    In this project, we spent a long time to finish it. We had to record the audios separately and edit them. Finally, in spite of all the difficulties everything was o.k.

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