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Biography of Charles Dickens

(By Fran Miranda)


  1. Fran Miranda said...
    I'm Fran and I'm very happy for read the biography of Charles Dickens in the bicentenary of his death. It was difficult to read because I failed in some words and I had to read the paragraph again, but I had fun doing this.
    Gonzalo Romero said...
    Your work about the biography of Charles Dickens I found very interesting.I think that you did a great work.
    Florencia Padin said...
    I think the life of Charles Dickens is very interesting.
    I really like his play David Copperfield,although is so sad.
    Well done!
    Acoidan Toledo said...
    I think that the Charles Dickens' biography is very enjoyable. He had an exciting and difficult life, so that he was always moving to new places.
    Tingting Wang said...
    I really like the personality of Charles, although his life is so inlucky.
    Very good!
    Miguel Ángel García said...
    Charles Dickens's life makes me think I'm a very lucky. Very good job, Fran!
    abdeladim said...
    I'm really surprised for this biography of Charles Dickens,ver good job fran!, You are doing a great job, keep it up!

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